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This Smoking Gun Just Brought Robert Mueller’s Rigged Witch Hunt Crashing Down

For over one year, Robert Mueller thought he had the evidence to impeach Donald Trump within his grasp.

But then he had the rug yanked out from under him.

That’s because a smoking gun just surfaced that brought special counsel Mueller’s rigged witch hunt crashing down.

Mueller – as well as many fake news journalists, Democrats and Never Trump Republicans – thought Donald Trump, Jr.’s congressional testimony about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting represented the best chance to force Trump out of office.

Trump, Jr. testified that he never told Donald Trump about the meeting.

But many Democrats – led by Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee – thought Trump, Jr. lied under oath because he made three calls to a blocked number before and after meeting.

“We wanted to get the phone records to determine, was Donald Trump talking to his son about this meeting,” Schiff declared during a 2018 CNN interview.

“It’s an obvious investigative step, but one the Republicans were unwilling to take because they were afraid of where the evidence might lead,” Schiff concluded.

Donald Trump’s phone line in Trump Tower connects to a blocked number so Democrats believed Mueller could nail Trump, Jr. with charges for lying to Congress.

Mueller would then present Trump with an ultimatum: resign or I jail your son.

But like so many Russia related “bombshells” this one also turned out to be a dud.

Donald Trump, Jr. testified truthfully.

Senate Intelligence committee investigators got their hands on phone records which showed Trump. Jr’s calls went to blocked numbers belonging to family friends.

Trump, Jr. called out Schiff on social media for spreading fake news and conspiracy theories about Trump, Jr.’s testimony.

“Has anyone heard from Adam Schiff? I imagine he’s busy leaking other confidential info from the House Intelligence Committee to change the subject?!? #FullOfSchiff,” Trump, Jr. tweeted.

This development drove the final nail in the Russian collusion theory.

A music producer Trump, Jr. knew from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant had emailed Trump, Jr. in 2016 trying to arrange a meeting between the campaign and Russians claiming they had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The meeting went down on June 8 in Trump Tower.

But the Russians lied.

Their true purpose was to lobby the Trump campaign on ending sanctions on Russian adoption.

This was not a clandestine meeting of James Bond villains.

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It was a 20-30 minute long gathering that quickly ended when it became apparent the Russians disguised their true intentions about the meeting.

And just like that, Mueller’s dream of leveraging President Trump’s son against him to force Trump to resign from office evaporated.

This week’s one-two punch combination of body blows exposed the Mueller investigation as a fraud.

First, Americans noticed that Mueller’s indictment of Roger Stone completely undercut the Russian collusion narrative.

Second, this story blew up the idea Donald Trump Jr. was in legal jeopardy.

Many Americans are wondering if Mueller is the man of integrity his champions in the fake news media claim when he hasn’t shut down his witch hunt and issued a report clearing Donald Trump of the nonsense charge that his campaign colluded with the Russians.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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