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The Latest Big Brother Medical Scheme Will Leave You Outraged

It’s the latest in “Big Brother” technology.

Ingestible, doctor-prescribed pills that monitor whether you are sticking to treatment plans and other information about your body. And you’ll never guess how soon these could be available and prescribed to you.

Just think, you forget to take your medication for a dose and there is a phone call from your doctor ordering you to take it.

How did your doctor know this information?

Because at that last doctor’s visit you were given a small computer device to swallow that monitors your very personal medical data.

These pills can tell doctors things like your vital signs, whether you’re sticking to their prescribed medical schedule and even how much exercise you are getting.

One such example of these “smart pills” comes in the form of a SmartPill Wireless Motility Capsule. These are designed to monitor issues in the GI tract.

The SmartPill is capable of continuously sending data for up to five days. The pill transmits to a small battery-powered receiver. This receiver must be worn on the patient at all times, as it stores all the medical data that the pill is capturing.

The data then gets uploaded to the physician without the need for the patient to be present.

Seems convenient, right?

Well, there are many skeptical of these SmartPills. Believe it or not, even the FDA, which has many times been corrupted by Big Pharma, was hesitant to approve these devices, even though they were deemed “safe.”

It even turns out that the pill may not be helpful in tracking the data doctors need for tests, while still storing patients’ medical information.

The FDA released this statement about a newly approved Smart Pill, Abilify MyCite:

“It is important to note that Abilify MyCite’s prescribing information (labeling) notes that the ability of the product to improve patient compliance with their treatment regimen has not been shown. Abilify MyCite should not be used to track drug ingestion in “real-time” or during an emergency because detection may be delayed or may not occur.”

What makes matters even worse is that these first marketable pills have been tested and used to “treat” patients with anxiety and schizophrenia.

The government literally put tracking devices and small computers in patients with extreme paranoia and schizophrenic tendencies.

According to Future Marketing Insights:

“It can alert the physician, patient, medical staff or the caretaker when the medicine has been consumed which will help in accurate documentation of patient compliance or adherence.”

These pills are quite literally meant to put you under surveillance and under the medical industry’s control. If you decide to not take a dangerous medication or one that you decide is not right for your health, they will know. And they will know exactly when you stop taking them.

While some medical advances are to better and increase the longevity of patients’ lives, others are created solely to control and monitor citizens. They exist only to make the Big Pharma industry more money while taking away our control.

What do you think of a so-called “Smart Pill”? Is it a good idea meant to better the lives of American citizens, or is it just the latest scheme to control and monitor us?

Let us know in the comments below.

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