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Donald Trump Furious as This Latest Democrat Ploy Destroys His Re-Election Hopes

saDemocrats are responding to loss of their base by taking this one action.

If they succeed it could mean the end of the Trump presidency and any chance for Republicans to win the White House again.

So Donald Trump is furious as this latest Democrat ploy destroys his re-election hopes.

What started in the 1980s with the rise of the “Reagan Democrats” and the conversion of the Bible Belt and the deep south to solid Republican states, is now almost complete.

Trump’s ability to win over unions, white, working class traditional Democrats, and even Hispanics and blacks means the Democrats have lost, or are losing all of its base, with the exception of radical socialists, pro-abortion activists, the radical homosexual lobby, and the radical fringes of the violent left.

For years, Democrats kept together their fragile coalition of racist southern Democrats, labor unions, blacks, gays and Hispanics by promising them the world.

But the left simply hasn’t been able to deliver on all the promises, or better put, never intended to.

So, how do the power brokers in the ever-shrinking Democrat party plan to rebuild their base?

Are they going to reconsider some of their crazier positions, like door-to-door gun confiscation, abortion on demand with taxpayer funding even after birth, “free” college for everyone, “free” healthcare for everyone, forced acceptance of gay marriage, and totally rewriting the U.S. Constitution?

No.  The Leftists and Socialists in charge of the modern Democrat Party have decided to recruit new voters from the world’s impoverished.

To bring in millions of illegal, undocumented aliens who they can then register to vote and turn out with outrageous promises – until of course those promises fall flat too.

First, it was enough just to allow uncontrolled, illegal immigration, and allow them to eventually get on the voter rolls by staying here long enough and having “American” children.

But now, the Democrats are in panic mode.  Unless they do something, they face the unimaginable – a Donald Trump re-election in 2020, along with the GOP retaking the House.

So, these socialist “leaders” have a new plan; to grant illegal aliens the privilege of attaining a state-issued driver’s license.

New York just joined 12 other states and the District of Columbia in trying to provide de facto citizenship to a class of people who are here illegally.

The legislation just signed into law by Governor Cuomo, known as the Green Light Bill, will allow some 265,000 illegal aliens the same privilege as American citizens; driving on taxpayer-funded roads.

Supporters spewed the usual socialist clap trap, claiming the law would somehow actually create safer roads, increase tax revenue, and keep illegal families together by preventing traffic violations from turning into ICE deportations.

What they failed to admit was the law’s real purpose. A driver’s license serves as a person’s official I.D., opening up a whole new world of opportunities for illegals.

For example, it gives a person access to the banking system, it also allows individuals to board commercial aircraft.

The danger here is obvious. In 2006, a staff report of the House Committee on Homeland Security stated that terrorists around the globe were going to Mexico, learning Spanish and taking Latino surnames in an effort to exploit the lawlessness at the border created by Congress.

The Lesson – Greg Norman

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The driver’s license is also the gateway to voting. Illegal immigrants, brandishing their new state-issued driver’s license, can register to vote.

Indeed, they are voting in liberal states already.

California, Maryland and Massachusetts already have or are in the process of allowing illegals to vote.

This, of course, nullifies legitimate American votes. It’s the Democrats’ last desperate ploy to regain their control on American politics.

As the party has turned full-blown socialist, only illegal aliens would view them as OK compared to despotic, left-wing countries they are fleeing.

Illegal aliens also don’t have decades of broken promises to hold against the Democrat Party.

If this trend continues, there will be no chance to counter these illegal votes and we could well see at least parts of a socialist agenda sweep across the country.

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