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CNN Ran this One Hour Fear Mongering Special that has Donald Trump Seeing Red

No one thought CNN could sink much lower or their lies get any bigger, but they keep pushing the fake news limits farther and farther.

The formerly credible news network has now stooped to running specials on make-believe topics to try and win back viewers.

And CNN recently ran one fear-mongering special that has Donald Trump seeing red.

The Fourth of July holiday is a time for us proud Americans to celebrate our independence from Great Britain and the start of what became the freest nation on earth.

Sure we’ve had our problems, our share of mistakes and embarrassments, and some downright horrendous periods in our nation’s history.

But overall, compared to the rest of the world, this country given to us by our Founding Fathers is better than anywhere else on earth.

It’s no wonder people are flooding the border to come here.

And yet, CNN took the opportunity to kick off the holiday week with a one-hour special titled, “State of Hate: The Explosion of White Supremacy.”

The employees, reporters, and so-called “journalists” of CNN supposedly report on the “Facts First” — or at least that’s how they market the network.

But on what factual basis is there an “explosion of white supremacy” in America?

Against my better judgment, I watched the special to see if maybe I was missing something. Perhaps CNN did have a ton of evidence to show that “white supremacy hate groups” are everywhere.

Afterall, white supremacy is apparently so dangerous that CNN had to report on it during primetime programming just before Independence Day (the holiday, not the movie).


I should have known better, of course. Every time I tell my better judgment to take a hike, I regret it – and this time was no different.

Not only did CNN have nothing to back up their claims, they ignored the tons of evidence that shows “white supremacy groups” are continuing on their decline into oblivion.

CNN based its program only on the “fact” that their “journalists” see no difference between actual white supremacists like the KKK or neo-Nazis and Trump supporters, Ron Paul supporters, gun rights advocates, pro-lifers, homeschoolers, and opponents of illegal immigration.

CNN also spent the hour promoting fringe racist figures like Richard Spencer and David Duke.

But what CNN forgot to include was that they used old, outdated footage.

For example, it’s true that Richard Spencer did once claim that he would “fulfill the promises of Donald Trump” – whatever that means.

However, Spencer publicly denounced Trump on social media last November tweeting, “The Trump moment is over, and it’s time for us to move on.”

Additionally, photos and clips of actual racists were intertwined with footage of people shouting “Make America Great Again,” protests of illegal immigration, and footage of other conservative activists.

CNN’s smear was more than implied—if you oppose illegal immigration then you must be a Klansman; if you’re pro-life, you must be a neo-Nazi; and if you support Donald Trump – you’re clearly a racist.

But one can’t really blame CNN for their fake news and accusing anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton of being a white supremacist.

Because the actual facts show that white supremacists really are a dwindling and dying group.

Even the left-leaning Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported on the decline of the KKK back in 2016, stating:

“Despite a persistent ability to attract media attention, organized Ku Klux Klan groups are actually continuing a long-term trend of decline. They remain a collection of mostly small, disjointed groups that continually change in name and leadership. Down slightly from a year ago, there are currently just over thirty active Klan groups in the United States, most of them very small.”

Well, in fairness that was three years ago, maybe they’ve grown in size since then.

Actually, no.

A 2018 ADL report on the Loyal White Knights (a faction within the Ku Klux Klan) said the group “is the largest and the most active Klan group in the country with approximately 100 members.”

You read that right.  A whopping 100 members…. Nationwide.

The Knights’ infamous rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in July 2017 had only “fifty-odd Klansmen,” which qualified as “the largest rally organized by a Klan group in recent years.”

If CNN had used the facts available to them—facts they claim to pledge allegiance to—they would’ve been forced to run a special on the death of white supremacy groups and the rise of socialist terrorist groups like Antifa instead.

Of course, that doesn’t follow CNN’s corporate model of making up news to fit their liberal agenda.

Many years from now someone will likely ask the question, “Grandpa, what ever happened to the newspapers and news networks?”

And the answer will be, “Well Johnny, they destroyed themselves by killing journalism and real reporting in favor of a socialist agenda and loyalty to a cause instead of the truth.”



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