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This Dangerous New Federal Law Has Trump’s Approval and Could Plunge Us Into Chaos

President Trump has done more in two years than President Obama did in eight.

He’s fulfilled almost all of the promises he’s made – from introducing favorable tax reform to trying to fix our broken immigration system.

But this dangerous new federal law has Trump’s approval and it could plunge us into chaos.

This law would trample more rights than almost any other law ever passed.

It would violate the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments all to some degree and eliminate thousands of people’s Second Amendment rights in less than a few minutes.

Liberty-minded people, please pay attention!

The fact that President Trump has indicated support for so-called “red flag” laws is incredibly alarming.

Red flag laws are sold as “common-sense gun control,” but have venom-filled fangs.

In theory, red flag gun laws would prevent mass shootings by allowing people familiar with a “dangerous” individual to alert the authorities and have a judge rule for police to seize that person’s weapons so they can’t carry out atrocities.

And, in theory, the guns would “only” be confiscated based on “sufficient” evidence and be returned in as little as 72 hours.

But there are numerous problems with red flag laws.

As the famed academic and lawyer of constitutional law Alan Dershowitz warns, red flag laws will only wind up getting innocent people’s guns taken from them instead of stopping shootings.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Dershowitz illustrates how this will happen.

I have studied, taught and written for half a century about the difficulties of predicting violence. My first scholarly article, in 1970, was titled “The Law of Dangerousness: Some Fictions About Predictions,” and a subsequent book was titled “Preemption: A Knife That Cuts Both Ways” (2006). Research shows that any group of people identified as future violent criminals will contain many more who won’t be violent (false positives) than who will (true positives). More true positives mean more false ones. Such groupings also fail to identify many future violent criminals (false negatives),” he writes.

He went on to explain, “Red-flag laws risk setting a dangerous precedent. If the government can take your guns based on a prediction today, what will stop it from taking your liberty based on a prediction tomorrow?”

That’s just one issue with red flag laws.

Another is they can be used as weapons against political opponents.

Under red flag laws, a person could lose their right to possess a firearm if they’re thought to be mentally unfit to own one.

Given how the media labels the majority of people with conservative views as racists, xenophobes, and bigots, we may see in the upcoming years that the definition of “mentally unfit” could include someone with fundamentally conservative views on governance.

The radical left has already intoned anyone who supports Trump (i.e., CNN’s Don Lemon, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, and Texas Democrat Julian Castro) as complicit in the deaths in El-Paso and Dayton.

Imagine how views on conservatives will progress over the next decade with red flag laws in place.

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A person who says they’re pro-life and goes to an abortion clinic to pray for the women there might be labeled a potential terror threat.

A school teacher who complains on Facebook that they aren’t allowed to carry a concealed weapon onto school grounds (for their safety) may be reported for inciting violence in their place of work.

The government is not a scalpel, it is a sledgehammer, and red flag laws will not be able to be applied effectively.

That’s why if they pass, it’s bad news for the Republic.

And let’s not forget, even if red flag laws do end up working out halfway decently, they open a door for further abuses of our amendments.

As Ron Paul wrote in a Facebook post, gun laws like these that Trump is now supporting “destroys (sic) virtually half of the Bill of Rights. It allows government bureaucrats to spy on you without a warrant (4th Amendment) and take away your gun rights (2nd Amendment) — without your day in court, due process, or even you knowing about it (5th and 6th Amendments).”


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