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A SWAT Member Broke Into This Man’s Home So Now Texas Wants to Execute Him For It

Millions of Americans are unknowingly helping to perpetuate a dangerous delusion that could have serious consequences for American freedom.

These well-meaning Americans with their Thin Blue Line decals prop-up law enforcement as an infallible agency of impeccable men and women supported by a benevolent government.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth, and that’s perfectly exemplified in this story where a SWAT team member broke into a man’s home.

When Marvin Louis Guy went to bed on May 9th, 2014, he had no idea that Texas Police Detective Charles Dinwiddie was going to kick-in his window at 5:30 the next morning.

Dinwiddie was executing a controversial and unconstitutional “no-knock” warrant, a warrant that “allowed” him to break into a person’s home to arrest them.

Guy had no idea what was going on when Dinwiddie came crashing through his home unannounced. Believing him to be a home intruder, Guy took a gun he legally owned and fired at the dangerous intruder.

Tragically, because Dinwiddie showed up in Guy’s living room without warning, Guy fired a well-placed round in Dinwiddie’s face in self-defense. Dinwiddie was killed on the spot.

And now the Texas judicial system wants to give Guy the death penalty for Dinwiddie’s unfortunate death.

No, it’s not fair, not just, it’s not even constitutional, but unfortunately is becoming the new normal in a day and age of unlimited government surveillance and illegal police attacks.

In this case, police obtained a no-knock warrant to arrest Guy after an informant provided them with inaccurate information about narcotics being in Guy’s home.

Though a grinder and a glass pipe were later found, no drugs were located on the premises, and nothing that could’ve even warranted an arrest was present.

But now that a police officer is dead, the justice system feels that justice needs to be served.

Stories like this prove that the government and police care very little about the freedoms of those they govern and have sworn to protect.

In this instance, the police and the justice system aren’t looking at the circumstances and the facts… they’re acting vengefully towards a suspected non-violent offender because he killed one of their own.

Even though it was in self-defense.

Not to mention that the circumstances resulting in Dinwiddie’s unfortunate death are mired in controversy to begin with.

The fact is, no-knock warrants shouldn’t even be legal — they don’t give the accused the chance to peacefully turn themselves over to law enforcement, they often result in unnecessary confrontation, injury, or death, and ultimately, they’re unconstitutional.

The aggressive tactics of no-knock warrants put the accused in a no-win situation. They can be arrested (falsely sometimes) or forced to defend themselves from what they assume are unknown assailants.

And that’s exactly what went wrong here.

If you search for Guy in the jail inmate locator of Bell County prison, records show he’s being held for the shooting death of Dinwiddie — not for drug charges, which is what police had intended to arrest him for.

His bond is set at $4.5 million.

Unfortunately, stories like this aren’t unique.

In fact, Guy’s story is similar to the story of Ryan Frederick who got 10 years for killing a cop during a no-knock raid.

An informant had told police there were bags of cocaine inside Frederick’s home. But when police served their no-knock warrant they didn’t find any drugs, but a police officer lay dead in the house.

This can’t happen anymore.

So if you have one of those Thin Blue Line stickers, support the end of unconstitutional no-knock warrants that have resulted in the deaths of Blue Lives.

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