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Hilarious Turn of Events Has Deep State Already Offering Excuses For Losing 2020

The Deep State is in real trouble, and the way they’re handling themselves on TV proves it.

Last week Nancy Pelosi was accused of persecuting the President and had an immediate melt down. Ranting about how it was “unreasonable” for anyone to assume she hates the President since she prays for him daily.

And then, in this shocking but hilarious turn of events, the Deep State has already started offering excuses on TV for losing again in 2020.

The Democrats are using the Deep State to conduct the high-tech lynching of Donald Trump and are beside themselves with how poorly their impeachment inquiry has gone.

Before a single witness was called to testify there was actually a healthy amount of support for impeachment amongst undecided/Independent voters.

And that makes a fair bit of sense when you consider how these voters had been fed a steady diet of uncontested lies for weeks on end.

But once the witnesses began coming forward and spilling their guts, those deep, dark secrets did very little to prove that anything illegal happened on the phone call and support for impeachment evaporated almost overnight.

Soon, the number of people supporting impeachment flipped dramatically.

A Quinnipiac poll released at the beginning of the month showed that at this stage of impeachment, more Independents are NOT in support.

And that fact has Democrats worried. 

In fact, they’re so worried that they’re already saying that if Trump wins in 2020 it won’t be viewed as a fair election.

On Sunday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and told the assembled hosts that if President Trump were to get acquitted of articles of impeachment this year and then win in 2020 it would be “unfair.”

Chuck Todd had asked Nadler if he though the election in 2020 would be fair if Trump were acquitted, to which Nadler replied, “I don’t know. The president, based on his past performance, he will do everything he can to make it not a fair election,” he explained. “And that is part of what gives us the urgency to proceed with this impeachment.” 

He went on to say that now that the impeachment proceeding is underway both the House and the Senate will have to decide whether or not Trump will even be allowed to run in 2020.

That’s right, even if he’s impeached in the House and acquitted in the Senate, Congress will need to look “at an abundance of uncontested evidence,” whether or not “the president poses a threat to our election” and then make a determination if he can run.

These Democrats have lost their minds.

If Trump is acquitted then he’ll make history.

Not just because he’s done more to limit big government than any president before him, but because he’ll likely be the first president to get impeached in the House, reinstated in the Senate who goes on to win a landslide election.

They’ve pulled out all the stops and committed to all kinds of awful tactics to get rid of Trump and he’s only getting stronger… it certainly is hilarious and hopefully, Nadler’s got his tail tucked between his legs when Trump whoops the Deep State in 2020!


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