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Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Back in the News and the Corruption Keeps Piling Up

This disgraced Obama official is now admitting he lied to investigators about Hillary’s emails.

The fact that he was Obama’s Deputy Director of the FBI proves the cover-ups and corruption in the Obama administration were even worse than first thought.

And now Hillary Clinton is back in the news as the corruption keeps piling up higher and higher.

Barack Obama and his former Vice President “creepy” Joe Biden continue to maintain there were no scandals during Obama’s 8-year reign.
This is of course laughable on almost any impartial level.

Barack Obama was a hardened Chicago politician and knew how to get things done no matter what “rules” he had to break.

Just a quick glance at his 8 years in office and you find:
Fast and Furious
Spying on the Trump campaign
Cash donation to Iran
The New Black Panther Party voter intimidation scandal
The Secret Service prostitution scandal
The Benghazi cover-up
Spying on media
FISA abuses
Drone attacks on American citizens
The IRS targeting of conservatives scandal
Anyway, you get the idea. The Obama administration was NOT a scandal-free era.
And some of the most controversial scandals during the Obama years involved Hillary Clinton in her role as Secretary of State.
In fact, of the scandals listed above, Hillary had her hands in at least five of them – most infamously the Benghazi scandal that left Americans dead and Hillary scrambling to cover up her more than 13 hours of inaction.
The images of America’s ambassador being murdered in the street by terrorists while Hillary Clinton literally laughed is an image many Americans will never forget.
And now we find out something that most of us already predicted:
The so-called “investigation” into Hillary’s misuse and abuse of government emails was a sham from the beginning.
According to a story in The Daily Beast, former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, admitted to lying to investigators who were trying to find the source of a story leaked to the media in October 2016.
This leaked story was in regards to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.
When confronted with the evidence of his lies, and the fact that his lies severely hampered the investigation, McCabe smarmily responded, “Yeah, I’m sorry.”

This is the same Andrew McCabe who is now suing the Justice Department for firing him due to his lack of candor with FBI investigators.

And this is the same Andrew McCabe who, while still at the FBI, suspended a veteran agent because he spoke to a reporter about the differences between the FBI’s handling of cases against Obama loyalists and Trump supporters – specifically, the cases against retired CIA Director David Petraeus and retired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

So it seems McCabe’s penchant for lying and abuse of power is well-known in an FBI racked with scandals of its own.
This new information only further proves that Obama’s FBI, headed up by former Director James Comey (who has his own problems too), was as corrupt as an agency can get.
For the first time in American history, the FBI lined up in actual opposition to a presidential candidate–and then a duly-elected President.
The main question now is, will the Trump administration be able to fix a broken FBI and disgraced Department of Justice?


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