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Donald Trump Supporters Facing These Violent Socialists in 2020 Re-Election Efforts

Virginia’s “state of emergency” is just the latest proof that the socialist Democrats will use “any means necessary” to win.

And this Bernie Sanders staffer helped prove once and for all just how the socialist’s plan to use violence against Americans to stop Trump’s re-election.

That’s why Donald Trump supporters are facing these violent Socialists in his 2020 re-election efforts.

This past week was a bad week for liberty in the United States.

In Virginia, the racist national socialist Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency and put in place a gun ban in response to “credible threats.”

Those credible threats it turns out came from an illegal immigrant who, along with his cadre of alleged Nazi sympathizers, was swiftly arrested.

And yet the state of emergency remained in place, conveniently just days before an annual peaceful gathering of Virginia gun owners who go to Richmond each year to exercise their constitutional rights and lobby their legislators.

In North Carolina, the Bladen County Board of Elections called for the arrest of anyone saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

There are more and more signs that the socialists are organizing to seize power in the United States by “any means necessary.”

And while they try to hide it, every day more and more comes out about their plans to take over the nation and install a “socialist paradise” here in the United States.

Of course, this would be their latest attempt to find such a paradise through a system of government that destroys, not creates, paradise.

And last week a Bernie Sanders campaign staffer proved yet again how violent the socialists are willing to get to achieve their goals.

Socialists and radical leftists around the world have always followed the Marxism-Leninism formula for the takeover of countries.

And despite what some inside the Beltway political “experts” might say, it is no different here in the United States.

They first claim the moral high ground, impose their will through legislation and the courts, claim the legitimate government is corrupt or even illegitimate and control the media.

Next, they start to disarm the people through gun confiscation efforts and government mandates on speech.

While that is going on they use the criminal justice system to arrest, prosecute and lock up their political opponents.

At the same time, they use their thugs (Antifa) to start to foment violence, cause riots and attack their remaining political opponents.

Unfortunately, we have seen the beginnings of each of these steps here in the U.S.

One only need to look at the current situation in Virginia, California, New Jersey and New York to see the whole Marxism-Leninism playbook at work.

And, if that wasn’t proof enough, one of Bernie Sanders’ top aides just confirmed it all.

In a shocking video from Project Veritas, a man identified as a campaign organizer for Democrat presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is caught saying “cities burn” if President Trump wins re-election.


On the video, secretly recorded by Project Veritas, the Sanders’ staffer was asked what would happen if Donald Trump is re-elected, the Sanders campaign field organizer, identified as Kyle Jurek said this; “F–ing cities burn, I mean, we don’t have a lot of time left, we have to save f–ing human civilization.”


This undercover video is the first in a Project Veritas video expose called “#Expose2020.”


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The Sanders staffer went even further saying he supports ideological re-education camps for Trump voters, compared conservative Americans to Nazis, and praised Soviet-style gulags.


Then he said, “We’re going to make 1978 [1968] look like a f–ing Girl Scout f–ing cookout. The cops are going to be the ones that are getting f–ing beaten in Milwaukee. They’re going to call out the National Guard for that s–t. I promise you that.”

The 1978 reference was, in fact, a reference to the 1968 riots at the Democrat National Convention in Chicago.

These threats of violence in the streets, combined with government restrictions on our constitutional rights, and the disarming of law-abiding citizens is bone-chilling to any liberty lover.

Let’s hope we can get the word out to enough Americans to rise up and stop this madness before it’s too late.




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