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Hunter Biden Is All Smiles After This Disgusting Ruling by the FEC

It’s no secret Big Tech is in the pockets of the Democrat Party.

Social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter showed us just who they really are during the 2020 elections.

And now Hunter Biden is all smiles after this disgusting ruling by the FEC.

Just a couple of weeks before the hotly contested 2020 Presidential election, the New York Post broke a major news story about the Biden family.

Specifically, regarding the Bidens alleged dirty dealings with overseas companies and governments, as well as Hunter Biden’s scandal-ridden operations.

The article also painted now-President Joe Biden in a bad light.

According to the Post article, many of the details of these business dealings were found on a laptop previously owned by Hunter which had been abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

Not surprisingly, Twitter’s billionaire overlord Jack Dorsey and his team went to work right away to cover up this story.

Twitter users were barred from linking the story in direct messages, the article was blocked from being shared, and many high-profile Twitter accounts that had shared it earlier were suspended.

While Twitter is a private company and one can argue they have every right to run their business as they choose, the fact is they were allowing Democrat and liberal voices to still be heard.

It was clear election meddling and election interference.

Which is why the Republican National Committee filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) stating the social media giant had violated election laws by suppressing distribution of the New York Post’s article based on political motivations.

But true to form, the FEC – made up of three Republicans and three Democrats – issued its ruling last month behind closed doors and cleared Twitter of any wrongdoing.

“The FEC determined that Twitter’s actions regarding the Hunter Biden article had been undertaken for a valid commercial reason, not a political purpose, and were thus allowable,” the New York Times reported.

The full report will be made available to the public soon.

This ruling obviously begs the question – what would’ve happened had it been a social media platform suppressing news stories because they were unfavorable to Donald Trump?

Well, we all know the answer.

The FEC has always been a biased, Big Government institution set up for the very purpose of squashing conservative and independent voices in the political process.

The FEC has ruled harshly on much lesser charges brought against smaller organizations and individuals – especially conservative ones.

Twitter knowingly suppressed important information because it could have harmed Biden’s presidential campaign, but they sure never stopped users from sharing a report on former President Trump’s tax records – which, by the way, had been illegally obtained.

 The double standard is sickening, but it’s to be expected in this new national socialist America.


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