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Shocking Revelation of Who Is Really Behind Big Pharma Leaves Trump Furious

“Big Pharma” is a term used to describe the large corporations at the top of the medical industry.

Recently, it’s becoming more and more clear these companies don’t care about the American people, only their profit margin.

And you’ll be shocked when you find out what big brand name is really behind Big Pharma.

Lately, the term Big Pharma has become part of everyday American life, as more people turn to natural medicines and treatments and are becoming skeptical of the drugs and dangerous side effects that major pharmaceutical companies are pushing.

Some even go as far as to accuse these companies of leaking drugs and dangerous addictive medications into low-income neighborhoods.

But who are these companies? How have they risen to have so much control? Is there anyone keeping them in check?

Oftentimes, these companies even hold a monopoly over life-saving medication, and can dictate the price to be upwards of hundreds of dollars a dose.

Here is just one of the companies behind Big Pharma, and you’ll be shocked when you see just how many products they really have their hands in.

Johnson & Johnson is well-known for its infant care products, but it is also a major player in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device industry.

The company is so large that it is rated #37 on the Fortune 500 list. In fact, it has 250 subsidiary companies in 60 different companies and funds numerous medical research products and various drugs and medications. Its influences in both the medical world and in stocks is concerning.

But most concerning of all, Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest independent Biotech pharmaceutical company. This means that they are not regulated as others are. They can conduct research and push products solely for their financial gain.

It’s astounding when you look at just how many of their subsidiary brands are really under the Johnson & Johnson umbrella, including Aveeno, Clean and Clear, Acuvue, Band-Aid, Benadryl, Splenda, and even the fashion line Coach. These are only a few of the 250 brand names they own and control.

But the company doesn’t make most of its money from these brands, it only makes about 9% of its revenue from consumer products. No, Johnson & Johnson makes the majority of its money selling over-priced medical tools such as artificial hips, to life-saving medication for Crohn’s disease, cancer, diabetes and even migraines.

Johnson & Johnson markets these drugs, some of which have incredibly harmful side effects like the migraine prescription Topamax, using high dollar commercials that trick you into thinking these products are the best out there.

One whistleblower even reported that she attended a meeting with marketing materials and was told not to leave them out for fear that federal regulators would catch the promotional materials.

Big Pharma schemes cannot be allowed to continue unchecked. These companies push harmful or life-saving medication for increasingly inflated prices.

Were you shocked to learn of Johnson & Johnson’s role in the Big Pharma scheme? Let us know in the comments below.

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