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Corrupt Union Bosses Continue to Live High on the Hog with Workers Forced Dues

While America’s workers face the challenges of higher wages resulting in job losses, the union bosses party on.

What was once arguably a necessary evil has resulted in corruption, greed, criminal activity, and a leftist ideology.

And these corrupt union bosses continue to live high on the hog through forced union dues.

The connection between unions and corruption, greed, and criminal activity has existed ever since the American Federation of Labor (AFL) was founded by Samuel Gompers in 1886.

This corruption was one of the reasons why Gompers, a strident union man, opposed compulsory unionism and forced dues.

The founder of the American Federation of Labor was a firm believer in individual freedom over compulsion:

“I want to urge devotion to the fundamentals of human liberty – the principles of voluntarism.  No lasting gain has ever come from compulsion. If we seek to force, we but tear apart that which, united, is invincible. . . . I want to say to you, men and women of the American labor movement, do not reject the cornerstone upon which labor’s structure has been built – but base your all upon voluntary principles…”


Unfortunately, Gompers’ hopes for a free union movement were squashed by power-hungry union bosses who saw forced union dues as an easy way to pay off criminals, police, politicians, and pad their own pockets.


It wasn’t long until Big Labor joined hands with Big Government and Big Business, giving us the three-headed monster that rules the nation to this day.


For decades, forced union dues have fueled Big Government and the leftist agenda.

By the union bosses’ own admission, they spend over $1 billion dollars on electioneering every two years, and even more during presidential years.

In fact, most observers predict that if forced union dues were ever banned nationwide, the left would have to find a new way to raise billions in campaign cash every cycle, and a number of leading left-wing organizations would likely be forced to shut their doors.

But it’s not just forced union dues being used for political operations that has over 75% of the American public (and a number of union households) opposed to compulsory dues.

Corrupt union officials get to live high on the hog thanks to the forced union dues of workers – many of whom can’t afford to feed their families as a result.

Million-dollar mansions, union boss “retreats” in swanky resorts, high-priced prostitutes and more are at the ready for America’s union bosses.

Just look at this case as reported by the New York Times:

A federal complaint filed against the leader of the United Auto Workers union has uncovered lavish spending and alleges that union leadership repeatedly misused and encouraged the misuse of union funds.

A federal complaint filed in September, alleges that Gary Jones — the former president of the United Auto Workers — spent $13,000 of the union’s money in one day at a cigar store in 2015.”

The filing claims that in a four year period, UAW union bosses spent more than $1 million in forced dues on outings, including four-figure dinners, months-long rentals of swanky villas in Palms Spring, and golf outings. 

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The complaint also alleges that the union bosses actually spent over $60,000 dollars on cigars and cigar paraphernalia! 

The saddest is that workers’ hard earned money is being used by corrupt union bosses with the aid of Big Business and Big Government.

And this is just a small part of the massive corruption and theft that occurs with forced dues money.

And yet, this case alone has already resulted in the convictions of nine union bosses and the resignation of the union’s president.

But the only way to truly stop this corruption is to pass National Right to Work laws that end forced unionism once-and-for-all.




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