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Alleged Rapist Says Media Attention He Once Craved is Reason he Should be Freed

This former entertainment bigwig is trying to get out of paying for his crimes, and he’s going to extreme lengths to do so.
Once the darling of the left and Hollywood, he’s using his fame to claim he can’t get a fair trial.
And now this alleged rapist says the very media attention he once craved is the reason he should be freed.
Most Americans had forgotten about disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and the disgusting crimes he was charged with since he hadn’t been in the media spotlight for a while.
So many were surprised to see him back in the news last week after an explosive end to his first week of trial.
According to USA Today, Arthur Aidala, one of Weinstein’s attorneys, filed what most court observers say is an unprecedented motion which claimed that potential jurors in the case had not been able to speak freely during the juror screening process due to the international coverage on the case.

However, Aidala waited until the jury selection process was already more than halfway complete before filing this “Hail Mary” motion.

This led most to think Aidala was not at all serious about the motion and was simply trying to stall for time.

Nevertheless, Aidala was passionate when he told Judge James Burke, “Most people do not speak in front of international media. In order for citizens to be as honest and forthright as possible, we ask that jury selection be done in private.”

Judge Burke, however, was not impressed with the ploy.

“That’s against the law!” Judge Burke exclaimed, clearly furious with the idea.

“I’ll read this, but I’m generally familiar with this… I’m disagreeing with you on virtually every level,” Judge Burke continued.

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“If this is inconsistent with having a transparent jury selection, it will be denied.”

Judge Burke then said he would look over the motion either later that day or over the weekend, but almost all legal observers familiar with the case said the motion was already dead on arrival.

But while the trial appears to be scheduled with no further delays, skeptics still doubt whether Weinstein will receive proper justice given his deep ties in Hollywood and the Democrat Party.
In fact, many believe his close connection to the Clintons and other political heavyweights may mean Weinstein ends up suffering a similar fate as Jeffrey Epstein.
As one Hollywood observer said, “Harvey Weinstein has been around a long time.”
“And he more than likely knows what skeletons are in whose closets. Its doubtful the rest of us ever find out.”
We will keep you updated on this important story as the legal drama plays out.

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