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This Foreign Country Just Denounced Facebook Calling it ‘Soros Oversight Board’

Facebook has mutated into a malevolent beast that preys upon its users.

It’s one of the greatest magic tricks by the Silicon Valley company – fooling users into thinking they care about protecting their private information.

But this foreign country’s government just denounced Facebook by calling it the “Soros Oversight Board.”

The 2010 film, “The Social Network,” was about the creation of Facebook by founder Mark Zuckerberg who was a sophomore at Harvard University at the time.

However, it was a quasi-depiction of a real-life story that was thrown to the wayside in favor of entertainment value.

The one thing the movie got partially right? That Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t just similar to the selfish portrayal – he’s actually much, much worse.

In reality, Zuckerberg is a sad nerd who ruined friendships, stole intellectual property, made billions of dollars, and then when his fellow co-founders (including the Winklevoss twins) came knocking for money, Zuckerberg told them to pound sand.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook got caught up in the Cambridge Analytica scandal that rocked the world.

It was revealed that the global social media platform sold its users’ private data to the highest bidder. Zuckerberg acted like it was no big deal until Congress came knocking – ultimately leading to a relatively small fine.

But other countries are beginning to take notice of what we’ve been seeing for years.

Meet Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a sworn enemy of George Soros.

Orban and Soros have a longstanding feud that spans many years, and both frequently trade blows very publicly.

Soros has made a point of trying to undermine Orban’s efforts for strong borders and anti-mass migration policies.

Understandably, Orban was infuriated by Soros’ overreach and issued a “Stop Soros” package of legislation that would force non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – of which Soros has many – to disclose any foreign funding.

In response, Soros attempted to influence Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to turn against the Hungarian leadership and censor them – which is why the Hungarian government’s Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Zoltan Kovacs, called Facebook out on a blog post.

Kovacs referred to the platform’s so-called “fact-checkers” and policy flaggers as the “Soros Oversight Board,” adding, “Of the four co-chairs on this new board, only one could be called conservative. A bit of digging reveals many ties to Soros-funded organizations and mouthpieces.”

He couldn’t have hit the hammer on the head any harder than that.

The Hungarian government particularly had a problem with Facebook choosing Catalina Botero Marino, “a board member of the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights, funded by Open Society Foundations,” which – you guessed it – is a Soros flagship company just as anti-President Trump as the rest of them.

Kovacs concluded, “Lastly, among the board chairs, we have a Columbia University professor Jamal Greene. He served as an aide to Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) during Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. These co-chairs apparently then hand-picked the other board members for Facebook’s Oversight Board (how convenient!), who appear to range from left-liberal to far left-liberal.”

Again, where are the lies? It’s obvious Facebook is censoring Free Speech.

Both George Soros and Facebook are the enemy of Free Speech and must be held accountable.

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