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This Joe Biden Issue Was THE Topic of Speculation at the G-7 Summit

It turns out Joe Biden’s first trip overseas as President wasn’t the homerun the left had hoped for.

His gaffe-filled speeches, awkward pauses, and angry snaps at the press actually made for a disaster.

And it was THE topic of speculation at the G-7 summit.

Sources who were at the G-7 Economic Summit in Cornwall, England say Joe Biden’s tenure in office was a leading topic of conversation among world leaders.

And it all began with a leak from Deep State sources within the Biden White House.

Americans have been questioning Joe Biden’s mental abilities since before the 2020 election.

Since entering the White House, he’s told the press on more than one occasion that he isn’t allowed to take unplanned questions and most recently admitted he’s given a list of whom he’s allowed to take questions from.

Most experts agree Biden is suffering from mental deterioration, obviously not uncommon for someone his age, however, Democrats continue to use him to get their radical agenda shoved through Congress.

But much to the dismay of loyal White House staff and Democrats in Congress, Deep State operatives allegedly leaked to G-7 attendees that Biden was “not fully there.”

So attendees were on full alert when Biden appeared lost and confused during remarks.

Not once, but three times, Biden confused the nations of Syria and Libya during a press conference. When asked about calling Vladimir Putin a killer, Biden experienced a lengthy ten seconds of brain freeze – practically a lifetime for live TV.

And there were the usual meanderings, looking lost, the gentle reminders from “Dr. Jill” or other staffers about where he was, who he was talking to, and even a classic Creepy Uncle Joe move on a little girl.

These are not the actions of a mentally-fit President.

Jack Posobiec, editor at Human Events, posted that a White House official had informed him that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was overheard saying Kamala Harris would be President by 2022.

“Trudeau overheard telling staffers he expects Kamala Harris to be President by the end of 2022 per WH official attending G-7.” Posobiec posted.

Interesting how this was leaked from a “White House official” according to Posobiec.

Has Biden’s own administration already had enough of him?

Biden is clearly struggling with his mental acuity and even leaders around the world are becoming concerned.


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