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The FBI Is Even Worse Than We Thought, Here’s Why

The FBI’s surveillance of innocent American citizens hasn’t been talked about much recently.

Actually, under our Constitution, it isn’t supposed to even happen.

But it turns out, the FBI is far worse than even we thought, and here’s why.

A recently released report shows that the FBI did a horrible job in confirming the accuracy of surveillance warrant applications, leading to many innocent Americans being spied on by the government.

The report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz details “widespread” shortcomings in the FBI’s FISA program.

Horowitz stated that upon reviewing over 7,000 FISA applications, he found hundreds containing errors in the factual accuracy review procedures, known as the “Woods Procedure” within the agency.

An even deeper review found 29 applications that contained hundreds of errors.

“The OIG initiated this audit to determine whether the significant errors found in the December 2019 OIG report were indicative of a more widespread problem with the Woods Procedures compliance. Given the FBI’s reliance upon its Woods Procedures to help ensure the accuracy of its FISA applications, we believe the missing Woods Files represent a significant lapse in the FBI’s management of its FISA program,” Horowitz’s report states.

This is simply not acceptable.

The bureaucratic red tape most often hurts the people all its rules and regulations claim to be protecting.

And it’s frightening to think there’s so little regard for proper procedure that these “errors” or “oversights” are leading to the surveillance of innocent Americans.

The FBI responded to Horowitz’s report saying it fully accepts the recommendations the Inspector General made and is cooperating with the review of its “Woods Procedures.”

But the hundreds upon hundreds of errors found in these reports has led many to wonder if there isn’t a deeper issue within the FBI.

There’s no such thing as “just a mistake” when innocent people’s lives are being affected.

Of course, we here at Deep State Journal have been reporting on these suspicious “errors” and abuses by the FBI.

In one bizarre case, the FBI had been mistakenly surveilling an 8-year-old child because he had the same first name as his father, the real target.

And even after being informed of the error (by a different team of FBI agents in the neighborhood doing a background check for a defense contractor) – they still used the 8-year-old’s name when they finally indicted the father!

The boy, now 16, recently discovered that his information is still in the FBI system!

Sheer incompetence, ignorance, and political corruption have turned a once proud and vital agency into a dangerous laughingstock.

It may be time to defund the FBI.

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