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Ron DeSantis Just Found Himself in the Crosshairs of Virginia’s New GOP Governor

Republicans nationwide cheered when Republican Glenn Youngkin led the GOP sweep in Virginia’s elections last November.

But there are already signs the GOP governor-elect, and other newly elected GOP candidates are selling out — even before they’ve been sworn in.

That’s how Ron DeSantis found himself in the crosshairs of Virginia’s new GOP governor.

Sources in Virginia say the Old Dominion’s new Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has been very busy, and not just forming his moderate Cabinet.

He has also been busy forming Never-Trump alliances and trying to oust fellow Republican Governor, and conservative hero Ron DeSantis.

Of course, conservatives are used to politicians selling them out on issues and backing out of promises. And truth be told, Youngkin started doing it even before the election.

Being sold out by the GOP is almost par for the course in conservative politics, but it is rarer that anti-liberty, anti-freedom alliances are formed and formalized before the officials are even sworn into office.

Never fear, enter the Virginia Republican establishment.

The political sell-outs have occurred in rapid fashion across the Commonwealth.

It’s no secret that should former President Donald Trump choose not to run for reelection in 2024, the frontrunner for the nomination is Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has been a leading voice for the conservative movement and refuses to bow to either the Biden regime or squishy RINOs.

Florida has kept its economy open and thriving throughout the pandemic, and that has many on the Right cheering the governor on to a possible White House run.

To some, it’s only natural that Ron DeSantis be the one to step in should Trump decide not to run in 2024.

After all, he is the only one who has consistently fought back.

But establishment Republicans have made it their duty to rid the party of Donald Trump and his supporters, along with anyone who would dare fight back against the establishment in Washington, DC.

Which means DeSantis will receive little to no backing from the party leadership and establishment bigwigs.

That isn’t likely to deter DeSantis since, much like Trump, he seems to relish a challenge.

But recently DeSantis found out that even the “newbies” in the GOP are out to get him.

According to Steve Deace of Blaze TV, at the recent GOP Governors Association meeting RINO governors Chris Christie and Larry Hogan were working on getting newly-elected Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin to join their push to purge the party of Trump and his supporters – including Ron DeSantis.

Of course, Glenn Youngkin flipped the state of Virginia red, but he didn’t do it as a hardline Trump supporter.

While Trump did endorse him, Youngkin’s team chose to keep him as far away from Donald Trump as possible because they were concerned an alliance might upset the “suburban mom” vote.

The Never-Trump contingent in the GOP Governors Association believes Republicans will see some massive victories in the coming midterm elections, but only if they dump Trump’s conservative agenda and align with a more moderate one.

You know, higher taxes but not as high as the Democrats, bigger government but not as big as the government, and gun rights restrictions but not as bad as the Democrats.

As Virginia readies itself for Youngkin’s swearing-in – along with the swearing-in of numerous new Republican delegates – some

on the inside are saying it’s not just Youngkin pushing Trump away.

Numerous reports have reached us here at Deep State Journal that even some newly elected Republican delegates are walking back promises made during their campaigns and distancing themselves from the conservative agendas and conservative base that got them elected.

They may talk a good game, but now that they are in office, they walk the other way.

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